Out of State Card Scan

Trace Identity Services, Inc.
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email: traceidentity@sbcglobal.net
   (708) 754-2900

Fingerprint Card Scan Capabilities:
What does this mean to you?
If you live outside of Illinois and need to be fingerprinted
for an Illinois license we can process your fingerprints.

*Please Follow Instructions below for a smooth process.*

1. You will need to obtain a fingerprint card
from the State Agency requiring  you to be fingerprinted.

2. You will need to get fingerprinted. Go to your local
Law Enforcement Agency or License Fingerprint Vendor.
Fill out the card completely make sure you include
“Reason Fingerprinted” for example Nurse
(LPN, RN or Phy).
If you have any questions, please call
Trace Identity Services @ (708) 754-2900.

3.  The attached forms must be completed when mailing
your fingerprint cards to our location.
” OOS-FP Identity Verification Certifying Statement”
(We need the Original copy of your OOS-FP)
Make a copy for yourself to send to IDFPR  we cannot send
the OOS-FP copy you sent to our location back to you.
“Out of State Fingerprinting Card Scan Form” and
Credit Card Payment” the fee is $60.00.
Click here: OOS-FP-Identity-Verification-Certifying-Statement
Click here: Out of State Fingerprinting Form4

Please Do Not Send Your Licensing Application To Trace Identity Services, Inc.

What to expect from our service?
Trace Identity will process your fingerprint card,
convert it to digital and send it electronically to the
Illinois State Police and FBI.
The results will be sent directly from the Illinois State Police
to the  requesting agency. Your fingerprint card will be
shredded after we have confirmed with the ISP that your
fingerprints processed successfully. Please make sure to
give us your email address and phone number.
Thank you for your business.